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About Us

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Our Vision

Our vision is to make autism services convenient and accessible to all families regardless of financial status, insurance policies, or official diagnosis.

Déjà Ard, CEO

My son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at 2 years old. He was nonverbal, physically aggressive, and was cognitively on an infant’s level. He was uncomfortable with leaving our house and was in distress when anyone came near (including family),  so imagine how a trip to the grocery store went.  As a single mother of 2, receiving such news was devastating. I was in denial, depression, stressed, confused. I felt guilty, anger, helpless and INADEQUATE. I couldn’t understand why God allowed me to take on this burden I knew nothing about. As a mother, I’d cry myself to sleep. I’d break down in tears midday asking, “God, why my baby? Why me? Did I do something wrong? If he never speaks, fine! But I can’t even make my own baby happy or comfortable”.


I went on a Mission Trip with my church and other single parents (who were all strangers) and learned they've all raised or worked with Special Needs Children! It seemed that in one of the lowest and darkest points in my life, God surrounded me with others who've walked this walk. As we served the poor in Costa Rica, my life was changed, my mind and strength was completely restored! Upon my return, I was consistently rejected by childcare centers because of his diagnosis. Certain Insurance companies found loopholes that would prevent them from covering his therapies, there were no services for a 2 year old, nonverbal, autistic child who’s mother had limited income. I constantly ran into brick wall after brick wall, but with God, I was able to persevere beyond the pain that was delivered daily.


I hit every pothole known to mankind. I’d cry; I’d breakdown; and I’d get back up again. I've had to overcome mental health issues due to the trials. I had no idea this was a season of putting “skin in the game”. My fight and journey led me to my passion for autistic children and their parents, which in turn led me to my calling- Spectrum of Love.

By merging the medical industry, childcare, and parental support systems, I have been able to create a hybrid, wholesome approach that avoids all of the challenges I faced when my son and I needed help the most. I was able to create something I wish I always had, not just for him, but for me too.


Fast forward 5 years, my son is talking up a storm and performing top of his class! He receives award after award! He wants to work for NASA and also be in the starting lineup for the Dallas Mavericks at the same time (haha). My son is my very first success story and I’m determined to streamline his success for the success of other children.


By opening facilities for autistic children, I’m able to assist in changing the trajectory of their lives, as I’ve done with mine. God took my family on a journey- not just for us, but for other families as well. Because of this, my life is dedicated to sharing my testimony and showing these children, and their families, there is hope- there is a way. Mom/dad, it's not your fault. You got this, and you've got me.


Sending love wherever there’s a deficiency,



Why choose us?

We are the only facility that does not require insurance or a diagnosis to accept a child into our program. We house therapy, education, and childcare under one roof with real time updates and meals included. In addition to many years of experience, our staff has extensive training in providing therapy, education, and childcare for children with autism​. Our hearts for the kiddos, parents, and community makes our program more than a program. Our program is a movement and we look forward to seeing you on the other side.

"We all have strengths, weaknesses, and flaws. But, if you focus on virtuous behavior, available resources, and being of genuine service to others, not only will your problems work themselves out, your dreams will also"

Déjà Ard, CEO

We Need Your Support Today!

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