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Providing hybrid services
for children with Autism

regardless of financial status, insurance policy, or official diagnosis.

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About Us

Spectrum of Love is a multi-licensed facility designed by a single mother who's son was diagnosed with Autism at an early age.


With her refusal to give up, she was able to create, test, and perfect an idea that focuses on a wholesome approach for families who care for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Now, Spectrum of Love is truly a one-of-a-kind resource that strives to be a "one stop shop" for services and care for children with Autism!

"This place.. let me just say has changed my daughter's life in a full 360. My daughter has never been in a facility till I got her signed into this one and it was the best place I could have taken her. We love the staff like they are our own family they treat us with love and care. The Director omg words cannot describe how helpful she has been since day one and resourceful.   Her techs have been a lifesaver from day one and now she don’t want to leave Spectrum of Love.
 It takes a special person to take care of special need kids and when I say these people have the heart for it. They do it for the kids and the parents I love how I have a relationship with the staff where they always are on top of my concern for my daughter. she has grown so much the past 3.5 months. 
Thank y’all at spectrum of love for being here for these kids and parents we appreciate ore then you know it."
"I'm in love. The staff is so caring and are super supportive of all my concerns. I LOVE that they do hands on activities and send home a break down along with accomplishments and goals. Anytime I have questions or concerns they are quick to assist and I can tell my baby loves them as much as they love him. I definitely recommend this place.
“This place feels like it was custom designed for my son and the progress he's made has given me hope again. "

Ani D.

Monique B.

Lauren F.

Our Services

"We all have strengths, weaknesses, and flaws. But, if you focus on the right behaviors, available resources, and being of genuine service to others, not only will your problems work themselves out, your dreams will also".


Sending love wherever there's a deficiency,



a Tour

We understand that entrusting an innovative facility like ours to care for your autistic child is a tremendous responsibility. To ensure that we are the place for your children and your family, you're more than welcome to visit, feel the vibe, and ask any questions you have!

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