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Please don't miss your chance to make a meaningful impact in a child's life. Unfortunately, there has been insufficient support for children with autism in low income households, jeopardizing the lives of thousands of families. You may be an avid advocate for vulnerable children, or you may be new to the cause but we welcome you all! Help us provide access to the vital resources that families raising autistic children require.

The Problem

Low-income families with children on the autism spectrum often face significant challenges in accessing adequate services and support. These families have two options: Therapy through Medicaid, or, childcare services covered by government subsidy such as CCMS.


Medicaid billing and credentialing delays have significant implications for both healthcare providers and clients, including those seeking services related to autism making this option inaccessible to many families. 

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Financial Strain

on Providers

When there are delays in billing and credentialing through Medicaid, providers become financially strained and struggle to provide the support the child needs, or end up overworking their staff. This has an even more significant impact on smaller practices, leading in discontinuance of or limited service.

The other option is childcare. The lack of funding for childcare exacerbates the challenges faced by children with autism and their families. Without adequate funding low income families struggle to afford childcare. 

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Inadequate Accommodations

Without funding for modifications and accommodations, childcare centers may struggle to create environments that are conducive to the needs of children with autism, leading to exclusion and rejection. Even schools with free after-school care programs struggle to support environments suitable for a child with autism.

Addressing the lack of funding and adequate accommodations for children with autism is crucial to ensuring that all children, regardless of their abilities, have access to high-quality care and support. Help us provide solutions for the families in our community.

The Solution

Did you know that Spectrum of Love offers up to 10 hours per day in Group ABA Therapy without Medicaid or the need of insurance? This means that Medicaid and childcare are not hinderances here! While these initiatives provide a great alternative to traditional childcare, families still struggle to afford our already-reduced rates.


So what do we do? We reach out to our community on behalf of our families.

Using crowd-funded annual scholarships to overcome funding challenges for low income families is a creative and community-driven approach to address these issues and be the village that every child needs. 

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